© 2010 Kathy Keating Small crocodile in a billabong

Small Crocodile in a Billabong

On the last full day of my long weekend trip to Darwin, I rented a car and headed out to Berry Springs to visit the Territory Wildlife Park. It was only about a 45-minute drive from Darwin, but it felt like its own separate world.

This is a small, freshwater crocodile that I saw swimming in a “billabong.” Billabong is a word Australians use a lot, but none of the Aussies I talked to could give me a good definition for it. I looked it up when I got home, and apparently a billabong is an “oxbow lake” or a section of still water adjacent to a river, cut off by a change in the river’s path. I was a bit disappointed when I first got to the billabong, because I didn’t see any crocodiles anywhere. But after I stood quietly on the platform for a while, this one swam over. I imagine she was looking for some lunch…

I took this photo at the Territory Wildlife Park in Berry Springs, Northern Territory, Australia in May 2010.

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