© 2010 Kathy Keating A brown surgeonfish and a catfish

Catfish and Brown Surgeonfish

On my first morning of a long weekend trip to Darwin, I got up at dawn, so I could go feed fish at high tide at Aquascene. They had a number of species of fish, including milkfish, bream, catfish, mullet and barramundi.

I wasn’t crazy about having the fish swarming around my legs, so I ended up feeding them from the platform. The catfish were everywhere, but I realized that if I was patient and held a piece of bread in the water for a bit, these large brown surgeonfish would slowly come up from the deeper water and take the bread. Here you can see one coming up to grab the bread and a catfish swimming around him.

I took this photo at Aquascene in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia in May 2010.

© Kathy Keating and An Expat’s Photoblog, 2010.