© 2010 Kathy Keating ÃŽle de la Cité Metro Stop

The Métro in Paris, France

Not owning a car over the past eight years has made me a huge fan of good public transportation systems. The Paris Métro is one of the better systems I’ve encountered, and it’s probably got the nicest signs and entrances of any metropolitan system around the world. (I say signs and entrances only, because I’d have to say that the Moscow metro system has the nicest actual stations of anywhere I’ve been.)

The area around the Île de la Cité metro stop

The signs and entrances of the Paris Métro are in the Art Nouveau style (the style popular at the turn of the 20th century), which I love. The actual metro system itself has 16 lines and about 300 stations, and the Paris Métro is the second busiest metro system in Europe (after Moscow).

Whenever I visit Paris, I always buy a carnet (a pack of 10 tickets) and travel to all the sites by metro.

I took these photos in Paris, France, in April 2003.

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